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An important, and long-awaited announcement from Flickr is their new iPhone application and it looks to be a good one. I literally started playing with it a few minutes ago and quickly grabbed some screenshots from the iPhone screen. The opening screen gives a nice slideshow of photos from your contacts. One of them, depicted above, is from our former DTLT student Serena Epstein. In short, it allows viewing photos already in your Flickr account, as well as uploading photos that you have just taken, or photos from your iPhone library.

I had been using FlickIt and AirMe to upload photos to the Flickr website, and another app called Darkslide to view my Flickr photos. However, the new Flickr app does it all, and seems to work quite seamlessly as it includes the ability to geo-tag photos. It is one of those iPhone apps that immediately feels right to use, almost like it was there from the beginning. The one downside is that uploads do not include the camera information. So far the only way to get that information included is to use the email to Flickr method. Let’s hope that an update will fix that shortcoming.

All in all, it looks like this program will be on the hallowed “page 1” of my iPhone. It was worth the wait. Here’s the link to the Apple Store for the application.


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  1. Looks gorgeous. Have you done any uploads from the phone? Some of the reviews on iTunes are not happy with uploads (I’ve been using Moblie Fotos for upload, very solid app).

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