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Presentations To-Go with Slideshare

[flv][/flv] After our presentation at ACCS 2009, I’ve had a couple of “Wedding Singer” moments where it would have been nice to know that developers were working on new versions of plugins, like WPTouch for the iPhone. Another one popped on my radar today, thanks to my office-mate Patrick. The web service Slideshare has enabled,

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Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint Offline – v2.0

A little over a year ago I posted Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint Offline using various tools to allow the embedding of YouTube videos in PowerPoint presentations. In the mean time, YouTube has added a bazillion more videos, and some new tools have become available to make it much simpler to use that wonderful resource

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Embed YouTube Video in PowerPoint Offline

  As I promised in my screencast on Embedding (live) YouTube Videos In PowerPoint, here is a video demonstrating how to download a video from YouTube, convert it, and insert it into a PowerPoint slide. I’ll be using my old friend Riva FLV Encoder to convert the downloaded FLV into an MPEG1 video file. This

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Embed YouTube In PowerPoint 2007

It’s the start of a new semester and that means that the senior seminars get under way. Those classes are designated “speaking intensive”, and so they will have a presentation component to them. One of the popular questions I get asked is how do I embed video in my presentation. Well, you certainly can insert

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