Beyond TV 4

Beyond TV 4

As Snapstream’s blog exclaims, “Oh yes, it’s here!” What does version 4 add? Well for me the DivX support is the number one reason. Over-the-Air HDTV support will also be nice, but I won’t be able to take advantage of that just yet. I’ll use the DivX setting for my Archos Av420. This is an important part of my Home Theater PC experience. I’ve already moved on from version 1.0. Updates will follow as I progress. Time to download and install the upgrade.


  1. Nice Blog. =) You had said that you found the driver for the 3250HD? Ive been looking for it for some time cant find it. =( You said something about registration required… Where do I need to register for such a item? Thanx. =)

  2. The driver isn’t specifically for the 3250, but is compatible. It doesn’t seem like you need to register anymore. Again the directions are pretty much all here:

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