YouTube in MediaWiki

YouTube in MediaWiki

. . . along with Google Video and DailyMotion (???). This discovery has spawned lots of others. Look, a whole page of third party extensions for MediaWiki.


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  1. Discovering this ability has taken the idea of Wiki vandalism to a whole new level. I need to make sure that I have the permissions thing right, or who knows what videos could start showing up on these pages.

  2. This is a great snag, and that extensions page a perfect stimulus for us here at UBC-OLT as he prepare our own MediaWikiFarm (on hold until we come up with a better name).

    Thanks for this, and all the other rich chocolatey goodness that you keep tossing off!

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  5. Hi, Andy. Have you ever tried setting the MW configuration option $wgRawHtml to true and using HTML to embed videos? I have a secured wiki (no public access, everybody must have an organizational username and password, and even then they have to be on a list of allowed users, just for reading the wiki) that I tried that with. It doesn’t work for some strange reason.

    I copied the embed HTML code from a YouTube video and put it in a wiki article. MW just displays the HTML code. It doesn’t matter if I put nowiki tags around the HTML or not. I thought that since this is a secure wiki, it would be safe enough to allow raw HTML, that way we can make simple YouTube MW templates for embedding video and we wouldn’t need any special extensions.

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