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World, Hello.

When I worked at the University of Mary Washington, I always got a kick out of a new semester and hence new websites from a new group of students using WordPress. Whether it was UMWBlogs or a new Domain of One’s Own project site, “Hello World” posts would dominate the UMW landscape. As I continue my ed-tech work here at UNF, I am going¬†deeper into the world of WordPress. It’s still somewhat intimidating as I think about projects I would like to accomplish, but don’t feel like my skills are “there” yet.

I’m attempting to expand my WordPress network, by attending my first full WordCamp here in Jacksonville this weekend (April 16-17). I attended a WordCampEd conference at George Mason University¬†in 2008. Here’s a post from Tom Woodward about that event with that picture of me deep in thought. I also plan on attending the inaugural WPCampus event in Sarasota FL in July (15-16).

As I read some of the bios of folks who will be presenting at the WordCamp, I see lines like “I’ve been working with WordPress for 8 years…” and it got me thinking about how long I’ve been using it. Well, here it is. My “Hello World” post from June 21, 2005 – almost 11 years ago.

Hello world!

By no means am I claiming any expertise, especially in the coding arena. I am a hacker-wanna-be-coder. I get WordPress sites to do what I want by brute, ugly, force. And sometimes I can’t get WordPress to do what I want. That’s where the great WordPress community comes in. It’s something I want to tap into more here in the land of sunshine and palm trees.


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