Windows Updates – Benefits?

Just a quickie on a strange phenomena sited last night. Windows computers all around the world restarted themselves yesterday, and this morning, with some “important” updates. At home last week I had my Bluetooth wireless keyboard (Logitech MX500) just decide it was not going to communicate with the computer. The mouse (the matching BT laser one) was still working fine. I did some trouble shooting/restarting and stopped short of re-installing both devices (it was late). I plugged in a spare USB keyboard and lived with the inconvenience, thinking that I would have to eventually tackle the problem. Well, after yesterday’s updates the keyboard sprang back to life, asked me to hit the connect button on the bottom, type the passkey and viola, it works! I don’t know how many times there have been updates so important that it restarts my computers for me, but I am always slightly annoyed that it does, or needs to. Well, here is one instance where something was immediately fixed. Sadly I, like you dear reader, can’t see how they’re related. However, isn’t it a wonderful fantasy to live in that it fixed itself.


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