What Do You Think of Apple?

Such Great Heights

Who out there is a fan of the direction, or directions, that Apple is taking lately?

As I stated previously Dave Winer and Kevin Yank aren’t.
Martha isn’t.
Brian isn’t.
Gardner isn’t and still isn’t.
D’Arcy says not so fast.

The latest controversy invloves the TV ad for the new Mac/Intel computers. It seems that a few years ago, a music video by The Postal Service (the music group not the U.S. government entity) was made by the same people that did the current TV ad. And boy it sure has the same look. Ironically, their music video is #1 on iTunes now. Now that’s funny.

This and the other voices of concern that have been raised seem to point to the inevitable conclusion that all companies that become large tend to look like lumbering oxen, and all start to think the same (not different). Be careful what you ask for Mac users. As you become more popular, your favorite company will start to take on a striking resemblance to, dare I say, Microsoft? The cuteness of Apple being the hip, forward thinking company, and the other guys being dull and boring is starting to wear pretty thin. Can you say iPod virus?


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  1. I guess is time to hold hands and say “why can’t all operating systems just get along!” Yet, once the monopolisitic riot is over, the fact still remians: a reliable operating system does mean something to the end user. However, no excuses for Jobs or Apple’s insidious marketing scheme – I hate all things that pander to “intellectual’s” egos – this strategy always seemed more like a class distinction (even if cultural and not economic) than anything else. But your version of schadenfreude does not necessarily solve the consumers’ problems, for is Microsoft really an alternative? I think Patrick is right, its time to bust out the linux, and be done with those who lockdown rather than open up!

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