What Color is Your Bumbershoot?

Before I get to the subject of this post, I need to say something. If anyone ever asks you what Twitter is good for, ask them if anyone has shared something inspiring before. It happens often for me. If it doesn’t happen for you, maybe you need new people to follow.

Twitter is exactly where I found inspiration this weekend. My good friend and colleague Gardner Campbell started off my Saturday morning (told here using Storify):

Looking back at the archive, the president, after a standing ovation for parents, states “Wow, this is a great lively crowd, this is fun.” It was indeed!

There are links to a part 1 video, but part 2 has the Eugene Mirman talk (at 33:10).

Video streaming by Ustream

* Bumbershoot – another name for an umbrella, and a festival in Seattle where Eugene Mirman played.


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