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From Viruses to Networking, Apple is back promoting the differences between PCs and Macs. Starring “The Daily Show” correspondent John Hodgman, and Justin Long (“Warren” from NBC’s “Ed”), Apple has no problem showing how confident they are about their computers being trouble free. The spots are cute, funny, and effective, but I just can’t help feeling like this stuff will come back to bite them some day. Aren’t we tired yet of people telling us they don’t make mistakes? Cocky S.O.B.’s

Dave Winer says basically the same thing!

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  1. Thanks for that update. I’m reminded that I really should be reading Dave Winer regularly. His arguments here are pretty well spot on, I think, and good evidence of the reality distortion field at work.

    Apple is a great company and they make great products, but they sure know how to flatter people’s vanity.

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