There’s Nothing I Like More Than Experimenting

Storify screenshot
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Right. So I am experimenting with Storify. What is here is great. I can add tweets from my friends (my timeline), tweets that I posted (my tweets), my favorite tweets (Fav) of from a specific user or list (User/list). Cool. I can do Facebook stuff, but I don’t do much Facebook stuff.

For Flickr I can search for an image, find a specific user’s pics, or search just Creative Commons. And on YouTube I can do a general search, or search a user’s videos, or a user’s favorites. Also cool.

I can also include Storify stories, search Google web, news, or images, and even include RSS feeds.

I would love a Vimeo tab to add videos from my Vimeo account. However it would have to add code that is iPad/iPhone compatible. You can just add the link to a Vimeo video. It will add the necessary code to embed the video in the page. It uses the service. As I write this I haven’t tried it, but I’m guessing that the code will NOT play nice with iOS.  I’ll update here if it does.
Update: Indeed the embed code for Vimeo uses iframe so it is iOS friendly. Way to go Storify!

Lots of promise here as well as some fun experimentation.

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