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Thanks, Tom Woodward

the majestic Tom Woodward

Thanks to Tom Woodward, I am doing some Thanksgiving WordPress blogging. He wrote this awesome, simple, WP plugin that makes an “Easy Button” for writing posts. It get’s placed in your Dashboard and beckons you to click the shiny button and BLOG! Just be sure to change the bit of code to reflect your website or else you’ll find yourself trying to blog at Tom’s Site.

Here’s the link to the GitHub site for the plugin.

Here’s a picture of MY button, available in my experimental “Testing” blog.


Photo of Tom by Serena Epstein


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  1. Ha! I knew I missed a chunk of common sense things. That URL is a pretty big one though. I’ll get you a second version in the next couple of days. We just drove down to Alabama so I’m suffering from cultural and time zone whiplash.

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