Surface Computing (aka Multi-touch)

Thanks to David Pogue for pointing to this cool Popular Mechanics video. It features the famous Jefferson “Jeff” Han who talked about the “multi-touch” computer at the TED conference back in February 2006. I’d love one of these “coffee tables” in my media room.


  1. they’re cool, but coffee table is the wrong form factor. imagine hunching over a coffee table, stretching to reach the far corners, for an hour or so. ergonomics be damned…

    it’s cool, but something smaller and hand-held would be better. more of a book than a table. we don’t print books on the top of tables, we make them small enough to pick up and pass around.

    maybe a large pictureframe hanging on a wall, like a Smart board? even then, you’d be standing in front of it for a long time…

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