Star Trek 40th Anniversary


The original Star Trek had this strange ability to be overwrought with seriousness and, at times, still make fun of itself. This “inspirational poster” is a tribute to the latter. It is avalable at, of all places, Star Trek Inspirational Posters. September 8, 2006 is the 40th anniversary of the airing of the first ever episode, and TV Land is celebrating by showing four of the original Star Trek episodes that night. They will then add the show to their regular rotation in November. In case you’re wondering, you can put me in the camp of liking the original version of Star Trek the best. It came at a time when this country was going through significant social upheaval, and this series dealt with some controversial issues, including the famous “inter-racial kiss” between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura. Time to introduce my boy to this groundbreaking show.


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  1. The curse of the red shirt! I loved this show when it first ran, even though I didn’t join in until midway through the second season. (Something about staying up on a school night.) I think I’ve seen every episode three or four times, and some (like “The Empath” and “Who Mourns for Adonais?”) about thirty times. I do love ST:TNG too, but the OS will always be dearest to me. What an amazing influence this show has had on our world. Papa Gene should be proud.

  2. The greastest show ever made. The first “Star Trek”. Gene Roddenbery (sp?) should be very proud.

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