Skitch for Windows

Skitch for Windows screenshot

A while back I “gushed” about Skitch and hoped that a Windows version would be available soon. Well, it arrived a short time ago and I wanted to let folks know. It is very similar to the Mac version that I talked about and it even has the incredibly valuable “Drag Me” feature.

As I mentioned previously, the Evernote group took over the Skitch program and they have tightly integrated it into the Evernote program (which I also use and LOVE). They have also greatly simplified the program which I have mixed feelings about. It was quirky, and I imagine that it was slightly complicated for some, but I was used to it. However, it still works well for what it does, which is grabbing screens or bits of screens and publishing them. So if you haven’t installed it yet, go get it (it’s free). While you’re at it try out Evernote which allows you to take notes and sync them everywhere.


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