How does the former Commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association get a job as the director of FEMA?


How does Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing organization get listed right below the Red Cross on FEMA’s website as top organizations to dontate to . . . and then why is it removed?

Why did the Washington Post and Newsweek not check out the false claim that the White House gave that “As of Saturday [after the storm], [Louisianna Governor] Blanco still had not declared a state of emergency?

What good is a National Response Plan, published in December 2004, if it isn’t followed?

What is “Purple Crescent II – Homeland Security Cyber Terrorism Exercise“, and why is it we can prepare for it and not flood walls and levees collapsing?

Why is it that Michael Chertoff claimed that he woke up Tuesday morning and read in the newspapers that “New Orleans Dodged a Bullet”, when the Army Corp of Engineers knew early Monday that the levees had failed, and that the newpapers reported just that?


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