No Child Left Accountable

Mr. Haberek

I just watched the last video of this series about a teacher in Michigan who is, let’s say, a little down on teaching his high school math class. The final two videos give lots of clues as to what’s wrong with education today and I suspect, and fear, that it is rampant. Best quote from the series:

We had 14 valedictorians, and I think that’s 13 too many.
– Ben Haberek

There are no heroes in this series, only average people caught up in a system that at every turn seems counterproductive. Mr. Haberek is above average in the sense that he cares, but it can be depressing to listen to someone who cares as much, and yet be so down.

There is lots of other good stuff at Human Dog Laboratory Productions, I just wish the “About” link said more than “Hello”. Professor Chris Weagel, tell us more about yourself, and keep up the good work.


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  1. Um, wow. How’d you find this? A sobering tale to start this Monday.

    And I fear higher ed. is falling into exactly the same trap.

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