I can’t imagine it will take too long to read this post. Mostly because I don’t want my words to get in the way.

This post is about lots of people. Teachers. Storytellers. Humans. But it’s about two people in particular. One Teacher and one storyteller. Jeffrey Wright and Zack Conkle. Mr. Wright is a teacher. Physics to be exact. Zack is a storyteller. A filmmaker to be more precise. Both are incredibly gifted at what they do. It is completely obvious. That they are so talented makes it easy to learn from them.

The messages from the above short film from Zack are many, but the core message comes out in anyone human in the form of tears. Love. It’s what teaching is all about, and what storytelling is all about. We teach because we love. We teach through storytelling because we love. That teaching and storytelling are about love is what makes them powerful. If you don’t see the power in Mr. Wright’s teaching, or the power in Zack’s storytelling is love, please try again, but I think most will see it plainly.

Zack Conkle was (and forever will be) Jeffrey Wright’s student. Zack sees the power of love as a key element to his films. Zack has many more stories to tell, but the love from his teacher will be a part of them all. So if you haven’t already, WATCH THE DAMN FILM ALREADY!

Zack’s other film, Marrying at 100, is also on Vimeo.


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  1. Thanks Andy for sharing the love. This video should bring anyone’s troubles into perspective.

    At about 3:30 Mr Wright said something quickly that I went back to catch– “That’s why one size fits all doesn’t work.” — its nto at all the central theme of the story, but it really grabbed me.

  2. Alan, there are a lot of “grabbing” moments in the film. I do like the one you mentioned. Another one is when the student asks if “you have any last words, do you love us” as another student is about to break a concrete block with a sledgehammer over the bed of nails on his chest – he responds “more than you’ll ever know.”

  3. This is wonderful stuff – the kind of guy we should all know in person – they kind of guy we all wish we were in many ways. I’d love to see something like this about a college teacher.

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