Loose MP3s – So Good, I Did a Remake

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Many thanks go out to Pascal van Hecke and Jon Udell for pointing out a great technique for creating a “personal podcast” using Del.icio.us, Firefox, and Greasemonkey. When I saw Pascal’s screencast, I was blown away. I decided to add some details, and try to document the process from start to finish. I then did a full-blown production within Camtasia Studio. If nothing else, I hope this screencast serves as an homage to Pascal’s work in documenting this technique.

So here is Collecting MP3s for a Personal Podcast.


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  1. Hi Andy,
    I _am_ flattered – my blog featuring in a screencast, wow 🙂 !
    My own screencast was a first one, and it was a bit overedited… Your technique of showing upfront what the viewer will take away from the sceencast (so he is motivated to sit it through) is very instructive!

  2. Feedburner is precisely what I tried and you are right on the money. It IS convoluted. Thanks again for your inspiration.

  3. To Andy “Screencast” Rush,

    You rock, my friend. You’ve got a real gift for this kind of friendly, easy-to-follow, and razor-sharp tutorial. I had missed Jon’s blog–I’m very very behind in my blog writing and blog reading–and you’ve taught me a great technique here. Thanks. I’m also touched you’d put my reading in the screencast.

    Did I mention that you rock?

    Best regards.

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