It’s called the "death watch"

"Brick Grave" : Hanbury Hill Church, St. Mary the Virgin

Bad things are happening at a rapid pace to the HD-DVD camp. Rumor, or not, it appears that a rotund female will soon commence her vocalizations . . .

Toshiba to drop HD DVD, sources say

UPDATE:Services will be held as early as next week!


Photo by Bobasonic

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  1. I’m glad the war is over, but I’m sorry for the folks who bought into the losing format–I know all too well how that feels.

    BTW, I hadn’t heard that Best Buy was going Blu-only. I’m sure that’s at or near the top of Toshiba’s worry list.

    Now if only Samsung would issue more frequent (and comprehensive) FW updates for my player. Did you see that a class action suit has been filed by another BD-P1200 owner?

    Will this madness ever stop? 🙂

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