It’s called the "death watch"

"Brick Grave" : Hanbury Hill Church, St. Mary the Virgin

Bad things are happening at a rapid pace to the HD-DVD camp. Rumor, or not, it appears that a rotund female will soon commence her vocalizations . . .

Toshiba to drop HD DVD, sources say

UPDATE:Services will be held as early as next week!


Photo by Bobasonic

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5 thoughts on “It’s called the "death watch"

  1. I’m glad the war is over, but I’m sorry for the folks who bought into the losing format–I know all too well how that feels.

    BTW, I hadn’t heard that Best Buy was going Blu-only. I’m sure that’s at or near the top of Toshiba’s worry list.

    Now if only Samsung would issue more frequent (and comprehensive) FW updates for my player. Did you see that a class action suit has been filed by another BD-P1200 owner?

    Will this madness ever stop? 🙂

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