I Told You To Watch!

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Boy do things look different around here. Upgrades are fun (when they go OK) and as I told you in the last post, things are going to be changing. Thanks to Canvas I can go to town with the configuration of my blog, so keep checking back and look for more screencasts of the action.


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  1. Well, I did watch–and if this Canvas thing can “tame my functions” and let me “aggregate like a pro,” I’ll be next in line. 🙂

    Looks good so far.

  2. I’ve had a mostly positive experience with Canvas, though this particular post states that there are no responses/comments even though you obviously have. We’ll see if I can get this working.

  3. Now that I’ve got a little Canvas experience, I feel qualified to come over here and add a substantive comment (although I stil believe kiwis are yummy).

    The possibilities of using Canvas for educational blogging seem really tremendous for me. One of the things (as you know) we struggled with for Gregg’s class was how to allow students to setup the look and feel of their blog without having to spend a lot of time ourselves on tweaking the designs for them.

    Potentially, Canvas could allow users to delve into a lot of stuff that previously would have required a significant amount of code juggling (and a higher privilege level). And you limit the possibliities of them breaking things.

    It’ll be interesting to see where we are when Canvas is truly prime-time. I still can’t get Ink to work and I find the drag-and-drop placement of the blocks to be hard sometimes.

    But the possibilites are very exciting!

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