Google Earth Gets YouTube videos


Why not get some onsite video when you visit a place in Google Earth? The

Google Lat Long blog announced yesterday that if a YouTube uploader "geotagged" a video in YouTube, a Google Earth user can see videos associated with that specific place. The example above shows a video from the observation deck of the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario. It’s another interesting way to see the world.

I’ve added the location information to a video of the Jepson Science Center (an "exciting" video from a project a while back). I don’t know if there is supposed to be a delay and will eventually be added to Google Earth, but as of this morning (16 hours later) it has not shown up. I reserve the right to have screwed something up, so we’ll see.


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  1. That is pretty freaking sweet, there are so many possibilities here. Do you just spend your days up at CGPS finding really cool stuff? You know you could easily do that back at DatLat central ; )
    I hope what you geotagged shows up.

  2. This is very sweet indeed. You should link to Donald Rallis’s blog somewhere so he can get a heads-up. Geographers rejoice!

    Thanks for blogging this. That Rushaw Radar’s still pinging away!

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