Engaging Digital Natives and Empowering Digital Immimgrants

There is a discussion going on right now at ELI 2006 Annual Meeting regarding the changing role of “Instructional Designer”. I put that term in quotes because it is meaningless without context. We are leaning toward the term “Learning Design”. In this discussion we ARE designing instruction. We are beginning the analysis in the very least. There are panel discussion questions such as is there a “sea change” going on in higher education in the acceptance of learning design. Is the campus culture recognizing the facilitating role of learning design? Many are clearly discouraged, but I feel that we can, as learning designers, simply bring what we know to the faculty (and administration). We are seeing what works and what engages US. We need to introduce these technologies to willing participants and begin the evangelism with them. We are seeing knowledge being created, shared, and implemented. We will show the way if can facilitate discussion such as this one, and then let faculty/teachers get some exposure.

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