Darn You, Jon Udell, You Are Good!

Blip TV

Thanks a lot Jon. First you posted that great lawnmower video, which reintroduced me to Blip.tv, and got the wheels in my head spinning. Then you had a fantastic “insider” podcast where you talked with Blip.tv founder Mike Hudack. As everybody knows by now, Jon was our guest speaker at the 2006 Faculty Academy in May, and he got our community really thinking about getting maximum benefit from the “meta” connections of today’s Web 2.0 world.

Well, thanks (seriously, Jon, thanks!!!) to the podcast with Mike, Blip.tv is exposed as the best of all posible worlds when it comes to a video sharing service. Check out the list of features: tag videos, ala del.icio.us; cross-post to del.icio.us and flickr (video thumbnails); cross-post to your own blog and to your Internet Archive account; export and upload your movies directly from Windows Movie Maker; Submit your video directly to iTunes; Automatic Creative Commons license; and lots more. This is obviously a well thought out service and has a less smarmy feel than YouTube and other video hosting sites.

UPDATE: Oh and they have a great blog!


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