Covering Up Good Luck Symbols?


As much as anything else, the purpose of this post is to demonstrate once again how technology is literally changing our lives. This Times story describes how the Navy is spending $600,000 to camouflage a building on the Coronado naval base in San Diego, because it’s shaped like a swastika. As the Wikipedia article points out, air pilots used to have swastika pins on their lapels for good luck, and the inside of the nose cone of the Spirit of St. Louis had one too. Note that the building above is a "right facing" swastika, and the symbol in the nosecone is "left-facing".


Let me make it clear that it is not my intention to gloss over Nazi atrocities and the strong association of the Swastika with the Nazi party. It’s just fascinating how we are forced to re-visit issues because of new technology.

The satellite image is a screenshot from Google Earth. The nosecone image is a Creative Commons image from Wikipedia.


2 Responses

  1. Let me make it clear, the good luck charm swistika faces to the left, the swastika chosen by the Nazi’s faces to the right just as the swastika naval building in San Diego. Let’s not white wash it. It is no secret that people within our government here in the U.S. funded Hitler. That is why Prescot Bush was arrested after World War 2 and the Bank Of NY was siezed.

    It is also no secret that we brought hundreds then thousands of SS officers, Scientist and Doctors into the US and they were integrated into our CIA, FBI, Nasa and many other Government organizations PROJECT PAPER CLIP. As a matter of FACT, Werener Von Brahn of NASA was the inventor of the V2 rocket that detroyed London. So please, no more white wash. That isn’t a good luck charm, that is unless you are a eugenics loving NAZI.

  2. the good luck swastikas face the same way as hitlers did there is no difference in them

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