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A Free Book from Wikipedia and Me

Thanks to Lifehacker and their article on Generating PDFs from Wikipedia, I present to you a free gift. It’s a book, a very short one (22 pages), but a book nonetheless. The title of the book is Digital Imaging – A Wikipedia Reference Book (it’s a 4.7MB download). An embedded version is at the end

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Stick THAT in your Google . . .

Just a quick post to tell folks about two nifty plugins (add-ons) for Firefox that make Google searches more . . . well . . . interesting (especially when you search for Edupunk). The first is Search Cloudlet which will include a “tag cloud” in your search results that allows you to refine said results

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Stick That in Your Funk & Wagnalls

I rode the Virginia MS 150 this weekend, and had the opportunity to ride through the remnants of Tropical Storm Barry. At the finish line, I was having a conversation about the first named storm of the year, which we couldn’t recall. The person I was talking with seemed to think it hit sometime in

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