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Faculty Academy 2011 Videos

Recovering from the 2011 Faculty Academy this year has been better/easier than other years – Because it was so good. We implemented a new system of streaming ( and it has the advantage of directly uploading to YouTube. Depending on your account, the videos will either be broken up into 15 minute segments, or will

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The Kit

There’s a bit of history surrounding “The Kit”. It all started with a presidential initiative back in 2006. We worked with a company to provide live streaming of lectures, and “boxes” that included all of the hardware needed to accomplish it, such as the computer, audio mixing board, two PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) video cameras,

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Faculty Academy 2009 Keynote – James Boyle

After a slight delay, the second video from Faculty Academy 2009 is up and it’s the terrific talk from James Boyle on “Cultural Agoraphobia: What Universities Need to Know About Our Bias Against Openness”. Lots of good morsels to chew on here. I’ll be putting up more videos on the FA09 website on the webcasts

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