One of the challenges I and my colleagues face on a daily basis is answering the question “what are blogs?”, and “what are they good for?”. Blogumentary (now available on Google Video) is an attempt to show the importance of blogs by showcasing their inherent ability to facilitate conversations in our daily life. Chuck Olsen is the writer/director/producer of the film. Before Blogumentary, Olsen started the website Minnesota Stories. Its focus was and remains about “citizen media”, great stories about life in Minnesota, as told by regular citizens of the state. In Blogumentary, Olsen provides copious amounts of evidence for how blogs are changing our everyday life, and our access to information. There’s even a not so hyperbolic statement to the fact that blogs can save lives (watch the film to find out). While the prediction by participants in the film of blogs kicking George Bush out of the Whitehouse didn’t come true, blogs have changed how the media cover stories in the news, with bloggers often times making significant contributions to stories. Blogumentary ultimately points out that information in today’s society is not a one-way street. Citizens can participate in society in ways previously unimaginable, and that’s a good thing. Cheers to Chuck Olsen for a fine contribution to the conversation.


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  1. Andy, This is a great link, and a great lens through which to think the evolution of the online publishing possibilities, you’re a mensch -and just in time for NV no less!

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