Back To a Barter Economy


Is money becoming obsolete? Is the web going to enable us to just trade for things we need. Some of the recent evidence of note is the One Red Paperclip site that I referenced earlier, and also a new site called Zunafish. Its idea is to allow people to trade their old, unwanted media for “new” media that someone else wants to get rid of. The trade costs only a dollar, and the end result, theoretically, is two happy customers. The media is limited to things like CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, books, and video games. I always thought the Internet was at times bizarre, but not A bazaar.


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  1. So wanna buy a watch for a VHS copy of Repo Man! Down with the tender, we have got a new money contender!

  2. Have you checked out They are doing something similar to zunafish but for free. Worth checking out.

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