A Simple Plea to Subscribe


I’m writing this simple (hopefully short) post to ask something of you. I want you to subscribe to the YouTube Channel known as UMW NewMedia. So far I’ve asked people to just do it, and with moderate success, the number of subscribers has increased. What I haven’t done is told you why. Hopefully, after that, you will be more willing to (if you already have, thank you most kindly!).

YouTube, well, you know what that is. I would waste your time explaining it. One part of YouTube that I’m very interested in is the Live service that they now have. You can now live stream using YouTube, but in order to use the service you need to have a certain number of subscribers. When it first landed you needed 1000 people. Now it is a more modest 100 subscribers. The UMW NewMedia account has 47 as of this writing. So I need your help (again, those who haven’t already subscribed). You DO need a YouTube account yourself. You then need to go to the UMW NewMedia YouTube Channel. Login, if you aren’t already, and hit that Subscribe button! Once we get to 100 subscribers that will enable our live streaming capability and we will bring you more live streaming events (from our own account) like the Minding the Future event we just held at the University of Mary Washington campus.

Now there is no reason not to subscribe. Really, NO REASON. And thank you!

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