The iPhone 4 Defect

I feel lately like Apple is the genius younger brother in the computer world. You know, the one who doesn’t get blamed for bad things that happen, because he is so smart, even brilliant, and innocent. He’s always got a plausible excuse for why something bad happened. Then people pat him on the head and […]

Presentations To-Go with Slideshare

[flv][/flv] After our presentation at ACCS 2009, I’ve had a couple of “Wedding Singer” moments where it would have been nice to know that developers were working on new versions of plugins, like WPTouch for the iPhone. Another one popped on my radar today, thanks to my office-mate Patrick. The web service Slideshare has enabled, […]

Small Pieces To-Go

Jim “The Reverend” Groom and I gave a presentation at the 2009 Association of Collegiate Computing Services (ACCS) of Virginia Conference on March 12. Despite the usual anxiety of it all coming together and sounding coherent, I think it turned out pretty well. The main theme of the presentation was taking the idea of “Small […]

What Cell Phone do you use?

Help me test out a web service (Poll Everywhere) by answering the following question: POLL CLOSED Add your answer in the comments . . . The service allows polling to take place with a cell phone that has SMS capabilities. We’ll see if it beats clickers into submission.