Why the iPhone antenna issue is somewhat important

“Oh no, not another iPhone post, please.” OK, but hear me out just one last time. Apple is holding a press conference today. No one knows exactly what they are going to say, who is going to say it, or whether people will be satisfied with what they say, but it’s a big deal in […]

Apple’s iPhone 4 Timeline

Steve Jobs blames audience at Keynote for too many wireless hotspots after demo of web access craps out. Steve Jobs blames user error for initial reports of iPhone 4 reception problems. Apple blames formula for iPhone reception problems (they’re “stunned”). No response to Consumer Reports testing of signal degradation. Apple deletes, then keeps, support forum […]

The iPhone 4 Defect

I feel lately like Apple is the genius younger brother in the computer world. You know, the one who doesn’t get blamed for bad things that happen, because he is so smart, even brilliant, and innocent. He’s always got a plausible excuse for why something bad happened. Then people pat him on the head and […]

Flickr Phone

An important, and long-awaited announcement from Flickr is their new iPhone application and it looks to be a good one. I literally started playing with it a few minutes ago and quickly grabbed some screenshots from the iPhone screen. The opening screen gives a nice slideshow of photos from your contacts. One of them, depicted […]

Instant Image Publishing

Several weeks ago I posted about AudioBoo, a way to instantly post audio on the web and feature that content in a WordPress blog (at UMW Blogs). In my continued fascination with instant publishing, I wanted to bring you the equivalent in instant image publishing. Here’s what you need. An iPhone, using its built-in camera. […]

A Real Podcatcher for the iPhone

Sometimes Apple leaves features out of products for inexplicable reasons . We’re on version 3.0 of the iPhone software and their iTunes application does not allow you to subscribe to a podcast using the standard itpc:// protocol, nor can you add a feed manually, like you can with the desktop version of iTunes. The screenshot […]

Small Pieces Constantly Changing

An interesting thing happened on the way to, and from, our presentation on “Small Pieces To-Go” at the ACCS 2009 conference. Change. Alright, change isn’t a big deal in our world, but it’s one that I found very exciting and it’s a pretty good indication of where things are going in the mobile computing environment. […]