Let the HTML5 Party Begin

I have a feeling that I am going to be writing a few articles/posts about HTML5 in the next few weeks and months. Mostly because we’re starting to see some real cool stuff being built with it. I, of course, will concentrate on the new video capabilities, but if you want to Dive Into HTML5, […]

Flex Your Plex

There is a big event coming soon that has to do with Apple and TV’s, and the unveiling is just hours away now. No, it’s not Apple’s music/media event with an anticipated new iTV device, it is the release at midnight August 31 of the new Plex Media Center. I’m a long way from Media […]

Why the iPhone antenna issue is somewhat important

“Oh no, not another iPhone post, please.” OK, but hear me out just one last time. Apple is holding a press conference today. No one knows exactly what they are going to say, who is going to say it, or whether people will be satisfied with what they say, but it’s a big deal in […]

Apple’s iPhone 4 Timeline

Steve Jobs blames audience at Keynote for too many wireless hotspots after demo of web access craps out. Steve Jobs blames user error for initial reports of iPhone 4 reception problems. Apple blames formula for iPhone reception problems (they’re “stunned”). No response to Consumer Reports testing of signal degradation. Apple deletes, then keeps, support forum […]

The iPhone 4 Defect

I feel lately like Apple is the genius younger brother in the computer world. You know, the one who doesn’t get blamed for bad things that happen, because he is so smart, even brilliant, and innocent. He’s always got a plausible excuse for why something bad happened. Then people pat him on the head and […]

Why I’m excited about Snow Leopard

I’m developing some pretty thick skin after returning to the Apple platform. My DTLT colleagues who had been using Macs, continue to chide me for not using them sooner. Believe me, I will always keep my guard up when it comes to Apple. However, as many have said about democracy, it isn’t perfect, but it’s […]