Jon Udell Does Lawnmowers

This video is interesting in a couple of ways. First, it points to a new(-ish) video service called which, like YouTube, serves up citizen-created video and then allows you to share it in a munber of ways. Its codde didn’t paste into my WordPress install as easily as YouTube, so there will be some tweaking to do. Second, and I will raise this from interesting to the level of fascinating, is Jon Udell’s video about why he uses a reel mower. It’s the way video instruction was meant to be. It’s available on the web in an easily digestible chunk. It appeals to the environmentalist in me. There are interesting side notes – that really is a cool T-shirt he got (watch the video already). Imagine being able to download this video to your video iPod, as you do automatically from any other source, and bring this literally out into the field and watch how to adjust your blades and see when to replace the plastic gear. The beauty of the shared expereince. Brilliant!


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