Huh? Udell’s Going Where?


Watch the video for my reaction to Jon Udell going to Microsoft. Now that you’re up off the floor, listen to the interview he does of himself answering the pertinent questions. It sounds like a great job and I can think of few people more capable. Good luck Jon!

UPDATE: Scoble’s Take. Rex Hammock’s Take.

UPDATE 2: I apparently made Jon’s Day . . . and I’m switched on. All the best to you, Jon.


  1. Andy, that was great! Thanks.

    – Jon

  2. Well, I’m gobsmacked. As apparently you are too! Thanks for sharing this amazing news.

    Professional curiosity: how many takes did you need to get this? I’m guessing you nailed it on the first try.

  3. Jon. Thank you. Your fans here at UMW are pulling for you.

    Jeff. Thank you. You’re getting a great mind.

    John Mont. Thanks for the term “classic reaction”. Obviously I have been watching too much Jon Stewart.

    Gardner. Of course I nailed it on each try, the third one was just the best đŸ˜‰

  4. This is terrific Andy!

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