Happy New Tool? – Performancing

The first post of the new year is used to try out yet another tool to aid in blogging. It’s called Performancing and it is like the Just Blog It! extension for Firefox. The difference is it gives you a split screen look to allow you to refer to the website you’re blogging about. Overall a more seemless way to blog.

Two links (both of which were added with Performancing) that were of interest to me as I explored digg.com this morning.

CelticKane.com – Project: Check Washing Home – The jist of it is to use gel pens for checkwriting.

Boing Boing: Cory quit his day-job – Cory Doctorow makes a change in his work day, but doesn’t leave EFF for good (thank goodness!).

OK, I lost the text from the edit window. Luckily I had copied and pasted it into a notepad document as part of my experiment. That’s a bug that I hope does not reappear.


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