A Happy Ending/Beginning

This brief story started on September 7, 2015 when the good (did I say good, I mean great!) folks at the University of Mary Washington gave me a going away party at one of DTLT’s favorite hangouts – Hard Times Cafe (I always have the Alamo Chicken – highly recommended). The present that they gave me was enough money on gift cards to get the new Apple TV when it came out. Well, today was finally that day when that gift was obtained.

One cool thing is that Jacksonville has its own Apple Store. It’s about 4 miles from the University of North Florida where I work.

JAX Apple Store

So my lunch hour was a quick trip to the store to pick up the new Apple TV 4th Generation that I ordered online in the morning. As it turns out it was the quickest method to get it, as opposed to pre-ordering online and having it delivered.

There were several people who, like me, ordered online to pick up at the store. As you might know, the Apple Store is a bit different from other stores in that you are greeted at the door for triage. I’m not sure the system is any better, but it is different. I gave them my name and eventually they came back with an all black box (with another all black box inside it). I signed the iPhone device that the gentleman handed me to verify my pick-up and that was it. Tonight, I will bring to home and begin to play with it.

So it’s kind of bittersweet because the Apple TV will remind of the great people at my former workplace, whom I miss, but now I get to talk to my remote and have my TV do my bidding – “Siri, show me all of the films directed by Stanley Kubrick.”

So thank you to all those who made this day possible – Jim, Tim, Martha, Jerry, Shannon, Jeff, Mark, Steve, Leah, Debra, Cartland, Jess, John, and Betsy (and Lisa and Mary who couldn’t be there). Thank you all of UMW!


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