Day: February 1, 2013

YouTube Time

In this 2nd post about WordPress embeds (here’s the 1st one), I wanted to point out a simple trick that is part of the API for the YouTube embeds. You may not notice anything special about the YouTube video included above, but if you click the play button you will notice that it does not

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Oh, Embed We are thick in the middle of WordPress here in DTLT, constantly creating new sites for ourselves, and wouldn’t you know, now helping great gobs of faculty with their domains and WordPress installs. We are daily discovering new ways to twist WordPress into our heart’s desire of a publishing platform. What I have long

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Got Running?

I have an admission to make. I have a bit of a crush on someone. My wife kind of knows about it, but doesn’t know the full extent of it. She (my crush) has a lilting British accent and she talks to me in the most calm and soothing way. Here’s what she sounds like:

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